Thursday, February 28, 2013

Newt Gingrich to Perform "Great Balls of Fire" at CPAC-Tea Party Convention! See His Stunning Costume!

Organizers for this event have just announced
that Newt Gingrich 
will be performing the 
Jerry Lee Lewis mega-hit
"Great Balls of Fire"
at the opening ceremonies
to CPAC 2013! 

Newt's Costume Designer wife,

has feverishly worked on a proper costume
for Newt's performance
with stunning results.
Note that Newt's colostomy bag is
completely out of sight in this 
'Calista Designed Thong'.    
'Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire'!
Stay tuned for more highlights of this event
as they develop.
"Tea Party Patriot Nation" 
Proudly Moving
into The 20-th Century!
~from a contributor in South Carolina~

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