Thursday, February 28, 2013

"We Saw Your Boobs" Seth MacFarlane 'Show-Stopper' Oscar Song Riles Hollywood Pussys! (Photos)

We weren't going to comment on Sunday's
as it's typically not a very good show. 
Although we found
Seth MacFarlane's edgy
hosting a refreshing departure from the
puffy cadaver-hosts we've been 
exposed to in recent years,
there wasn't much to comment on
until today!
Last Sunday
Oscar host Seth MacFarlane 
belted out the 'show-stopper'
But now Jane Fonda and some other
Hollywood pussys who can't keep 
their boobs out of the public eye are
trashing Seth's "truthy-trashiness" 
in his 'song and dance' about what 
almost all movie goers see every 
time they buy a ticket to the cinema.
Hey, "Hanoi Jane" is a good looking,
talented old woman
and no one is going to pry her
Oscars out of her 'cold, dead pussy',
but Fonda giving a 'lesson' to anybody
on good-taste is disconnecting
and abject hypocrisy.     
Jane! Have you seen the "WE SAW YOUR
JUNK" "boobs" parody?
Great stuff!
Humor changes with time,
just as Jane Fonda's boobs have
We know Jane's boobs have changed
over the years because  once upon a time,
'We Saw Her Boobs Too'!
For the record, Jane appeared in 9
movies nude and says her biggest 
regret was 'not sleeping with
Che Guevara'!

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