Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sarah Palin Dis-Members Rick Santorum's 'Member' While Cleaning His Gun!

Silly us.
Sarah didn't dis-member Rick's penis.
She was drunk.
It was Santorum who did it to himself in a
food processor cooking mishap. 
Oops! Got it wrong again.
Rick lost "it" while installing a
garbage disposal in the
abortion clinic annex of the
Pope Benedict Catholic Church
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Who's Killing the District Attorneys in Texas?

Mike McClelland
This past week the District Attorney of 
Kaufman County Texas, Mike McClelland was
 gunned down alongside his wife 
in their home by unknown assailants. 
No arrests have been made.

Mark Hasse
Last January 31, Mark Hasse, McClelland's  
Assistant D.A. was gunned down in a 
shopping mall by unknown assailants.
No arrests have been made. 
Two weeks ago the Colorado Director of 
the Department of Corrections was gunned 
down in his home, and the Texas murders
may be related. 
So what's going on here? Who's killing these
people? In particular, who's killing the
District Attorneys in Texas?
McClelland Murder Scene
Perhaps the NRA has an answer.
The NRA is the chief proponent
for no background checks for the purchase
of guns. 
Ted Cruz
Maybe Texas Senator Ted Cruz would want
to respond to this question.
Louie Gohmert
Or, perhaps Texas Representative Louie Gohmert?
Both Gohmert and Cruz are major proponants
for no background checks.  
Suppose in a background check if just one
gun was denied to a killer
It would then be possible that America
would have one less murder.
Think about it.

Marcus and Michele Bachmann "Accidentally" Book a 'Gay Cruise'!

Under the heading of
"Truth is stranger than fiction",
(and sometimes lies are too),
today we learn that 
Marcus Bachmann "ACCIDENTALLY" booked
himself and his "partner" (Michele?)
on a Gay Cruise!
Sure, Marcus, and we 'inadvertently' had 
to take a piss this morning.

According to reports (cover up?), Mr. Bachmann
'prissy-flounced' into a travel agency and booked
a gay cruise with a travel agent he didn't know
 and who didn't know him.
He was given brochures, dates of The Atlantis
Gay Cruise Tours, and paid for a specific
cruise for a specific date.    

Atlantis Cruises
Now it is to be believed that after Michele 
AND Marcus were on the campaign trail
for the last 2 years and travel extensively
that the Bachmanns didn't have 
known travel consultants and planners,
and staff to make such arrangements?
Sure....and today we might need to take
an accidental-inadvertent poop too!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jim Carrey Describes FOX NEWS as "A Media Colostomy Bag Bursting at the Seams"...and More!

 In referencing what he calls
Jim Carrey has again scored a home run with
his depiction of the most distrusted "news" in America
as "A media colostomy bag bursting at the seams",
to be remembered as

a "Giant cultural fart."
After Carrey's 'Cold Dead Hands' video
went viral, FOX NEWS trashed him to keep their
dwindling NRA audience from abandoning them
as many others have already done.


"FUX" apparently doesn't 'get'
what the vast majority of Americans accept
as common sense,
while Jim Carrey does.

See The "GOD BLESS AMERICA" Movie for a Concise Look at 'What's Wrong in America' Today!!

is more than a
blood and gore comedy with high 
entertainment value. 
It is a thought provoking compendium 
and 'societal metaphor' about The American Condition
and 'what's wrong in America' today!  

Easter Sunday Dinner with The Bill and Edna Atheisste Family! (Photos)

Bill and Edna take their holidays seriously.
Especially Easter.
Good Friday is very important to them.
But Easter Sunday Dinner is even more so
as they gather at the table to give thanks.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt at the Bates Motel with Norman and The Creepiest Easter Bunny of All-Time?

Children of all ages are welcome!
*Norman has a special treat for 
The Boys and Girls
with this "very special"

Read Marilyn Monroe's Despondant Letter Suggesting Suicide to Mentor Lee Strasberg (See the Photo Copy)

Marilyn Monroe stayed in close contact
with friend and mentor Lee Strasberg whom
she met and trained under at the Actors Studio in
New York. 
Although this letter is undated it is believed
to have been written not long before her
Marilyn's words portray a despondant and
possibly suicidal woman who 'can't
get herself together.' 
This letter will be at auction soon,
along with other
Lee Strasberg Memorabilia. 
Page 2

China-Russia to Spank North Korea's Kim Jong Un's Butt?

 First, it is recognized among responsible world
leaders that North Korea's Kim Jong-Un is 
a sack of nuts, who trades off from rattling his
rockets to playing with Barbie dolls.
Kim Jong-Un (March 2013)
 Accordingly, China and Russia are working with
the U.S., North Korea and others to quell
Kim's 'rocket' play, as he's interrupting
the real issues on today's world stage. 
It is expected that China in particular will
spank Kim's Butt, give him some new
Barbie dolls (with U.S. financial assistance)
and put him back in a locked
play pen. 
Should Kimbo not accept his discipline
the U.S. will be forced to reduce his little pud to a 
recycled porcelain toilet bowl. Unfortunately, many
innocent lives would also be lost in the process. 
We wish China and Russia well in controlling
  their little mouse that's trying to roar.  

The 'BIG-PENIS' "Curse" Answered! Jon Hamm Takes Advice from Jonah Falcon on 'How to Handle a Big Penis Publicly"! (Photos)

Jon Hamm
is "CURSED" with a 
Very Large Penis.
So large, in fact, that Jon Hamm's "Penis"
has made big news in the wide corporate
Jon Hamm's "PENIS" story 
has legs!
Earlier in the week, rocker
David Lee Roth announced to the
media that his penis, affectionately
named "Little Elvis", had been
insured by Lloyds of London
for $1 million.
David Lee Roth with "LITTLE ELVIS"
Now Jonah Falcon, the man with the
 world's largest penis according to the
Guinness Book of Records, is offering
the beleaguered Hamm some advice on 
how to handle a big penis publicly.  
Jonah (left) and Jon
"Tuck it Under", wrap it around a
butt-cheek.....bring the remaining
part forward and wear 
compression underwear. 
This may work for Jon's Hamm
and others "cursed"(?) with a
big penis.

The GOP Agenda Includes: Regulating Women's Bodies and No Regulations on Guns!

Lets hear that again...
The Republican Agenda includes
Regulating and controlling
women's bodies which is good for America?
But NO controls or regulations
on GUNS is also good for America?  
Yea! That makes sense!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What is Kim Jong Un Looking at Through The Binoculars? The Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Connection!

For reasons that defy logic and reality,
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un
('Little Pork-Fried Rice')
ordered his rockets on standby for
a possible hit on U.S. Bases in South Korea.
But what is 'Pork-Fried' looking at through
his Ken and Barbie Binoculars?
Why... it's none other than his
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio!
North Korea has it's Little Coo-Coo Porker,
and Arizona has theirs,
which makes perfect sense to 
most thinking people.
(From the friends of The Arpaio Recall Campaign, and the
'Take the Little Fat Shit Out' Consortium.)  

What The Bible Says About Marriage! Today's Lesson From Web-World Christian Ministries!

Our Fundamentalist Christian Evangelical
friends typically don't or won't tell the
whole story about what 
Biblical Marriage is.
We will.
                                        ~WEB-WORLD CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES 
This Info-graphic fairly well sums up
Biblical Marriage: 
~Click on Infograph to Enlarge~

These 10 Democrat Senators Abandon The 14th Amendment and Anti-Discrimination Law! (See Who They Are)

Regardless of party affiliation, if our senators
and congresspeople don't believe in the basic tenet
of EQUALITY for All  Citizens 
found in the U.S. CONSTITUTION,
what good are they to America?
When our congresspeople don't or won't
support the 14th Amendment equal protection law,
what good are they to America?
When our congresspeople do SUPPORT
'discrimination between classes of people'
What good are they to America?

These 10 Democrat Senators DO NOT SUPPORT
the 14th Amendment and anti-discrimination
Their current 'discriminations' are exacted
on marriage equality.
But tomorrow their discrimination very well could be
against senior citizens, vets and children!
     Do any of these senators represent you?
If so, remember these things when
they come up for re-election! 

U.S. Supreme Court Produces "Gay-Week" with The Defense of Marriage Act/Marriage Equality Headlining!

Arguments were heard today regarding the
and on it's face it would appear that
14th Amendment equal protection rights
have clearly been violated, discrimination
from one class of citizens to another class are
spelled out in section 3 of DOMA, and
Federalism-States sovereignty law and 
tradition have been usurped by The
Defense of Marriage Act.
Accordingly, it would seem that DOMA
is going the way of the DODO bird.
BUT, not so fast!    
Will America get 'political' decisions
on these 'equal protection' issues,
or decisions based upon the 
and previous case law?
This is the question.
The Supreme Court has a lot more riding
in these deliberations than just
court decisions.
The Court's Trust and Integrity are
at stake here.
Justice Antonin Scalia
Justices Thomas and Scalia, and to some
degree, Chief Justice Roberts have
already sullied their reputations with well
publicised connections to 'extreme'
right wing groups and those 'connections' have 
been reflected in their recent 
public statements and decisions.
And so we await the Courts final decision
which we predict will be a 5-4 division.
We will not, however, predict which direction
that decision will take.