Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Body Builder News: Meet Chris Tina Bruce--The World's First Transgender Body Buliding Contestant!

 There are Male Body Builders.
There are Female Body Builders.
AND there is Body Builder
Chris Tina Bruce is a transgender
body builder who first competed as a
body building contestant in San Diego in 2011,
and is 'The First' to ever compete as such. 
Although we've not a clue as to how s/he is
classified in competition, lets take a look at
him/her in the present.
This was Christopher Bruce in 2002.
But Chris had other ideas and feelings about 
who and what he is as a human being.
And from the image at left became
the person in the right frame.
This is Chris Tina Bruce today.
Chris does not see her/himself as a separate
gender, but rather as a human on the continuum
between male and female.
Your thoughts?

Introducing The Down Symdrome Doll! Some Facts and Figures About the Condition-Photos!

According to The National Down Syndrome Society
'Down's' is the most common chromosomal
condition in the U.S.
Some facts...
~1 in every 691 births is a Down baby. 
~More than 400,000 people currently live with Down in America.  
~Down children carry an extra chromosome 21.
~Lifespan of a Down person 60 years
Now comes "the doll" for this
'special' population.

These dolls may be purchased online at
google and amazon and most major
toy outlets.
For further information about 
Down Syndrome
contact The National Down Syndrome Society.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Curing Homosexuality with Bicycle Excercise and Other 'Sure-Fire 'Treatments! The Jason Collins Connection.

With NBA Star Jason Collins recent coming out
as Gay, the across the board reactions have
been overwhelmingly positive
from both his peers and the American
population in general. 
"I'm a 34-year old NBA center...I'm black and I'M GAY."
                                                                       -JASON COLLINS, April 29, SI Magazine 
However, there have been some nay sayers.
Politician Rick Santorum says he'll never
attend another NBA game, although he
reportedly has never attended an NBA game
in the first place.
An ESPN correspondent has said,
'homosexuality is open rebellion against God.'
There have been other negative remarks and the
"Cure Homosexuality' crowd has surfaced again
with their "sure-fire" treatments for "The Disease".
Some are old, some not so new.
Here's a review of some of them:
In the last century, respected Neurologist
G.M. Hammond prescribed bicycle exercise as
a 'sure fire' cure given "homosexuality is a
neurological disorder" and physical exertion
ameliorates the condition.
The Catholic Church has practiced EXORCISM as a
cure for centuries, and 
performed 10's of thousands of
1940's, 50's and 60's to "cure homosexuality"  
on children as young as 7. (Documented) 
Taking an adolescent male suspected of
homosexuality to a PROSTITUTE was another
"cure" used by Christian therapists in the last
ATTACHMENT therapies have also
been used by both private hospitals and
religious organizations in modern
history in "the cure" for homosexuality.  
underscored as "cures" by lay religious practitioners
as well as CONVERSION THERAPY, now being
outlawed in some progressive States, but still
recommended by Pat Robertson and practiced
by Marcus Bachmann among others.
In his articulately written story for
Sports Illustrated, Collins writes that some
will be shocked by his admission as he
And he does while statistics provide that the vast
majority of gay people also 'go against the stereotype.'
Collins also writes that he is 'HAPPY to START
CONVERSATION' on the subject matter.
Let us hope that conversation leads to a better
understanding of gay people in general
and also an end to the ignorance, barbaric
and oppressive practices visited upon his
counterparts through history. 

Whoa! Take a Look at What a South Florida Couple Found in Their Backyard! (Photo)

A Florida couple heard some recent reports
from neighbors of  'MONSTER ALLIGATOR' 
sightings in their area, but dismissed them 
as exaggerations.
And then .....
THIS 28+ foot Alligator turned up
for brunch in their backyard.
Note that the Park Ranger (also shown) who assisted
in the dispatch of the intruder is 6'5".  

Jason Collins: "I'm a 34-year old NBA Center. I'm Black and I'M GAY." An Athlete Who Defines 'RESPECT'!

In perhaps the most remarkable, intelligent, straight arrow
and moving writing on the subject matter to date, 
today NBA Super Star JASON COLLINS has
courageously shared his personal story
with the world.
Jason is known on the courts and in his profession
as a "PRO'S PRO", a fierce, aggressive competitor
who carries the highest respect of those who
know him.
We are not going to review his articulate story of
heart here. It will be on the newsstands on 
May 6. One can also read it now on
Congratulations to JASON COLLINS who
today reached ICONIC STATUS, not
only as a "pro's pro" on the court,
but as a "PRO'S PRO" human being.
Our Utmost Respect to Mr. Jason Collins!

Tim Tebow Cut! Jets Do 'The Work of The Lord!

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways,
and today Baby Jesus Tim Tebow was released from 
from The NEW YORK JETS after
one lackluster season. 
This morning Tim was told in a face to face
meeting that he was a not going to the
Super Bowl Promised Land,
with The Jets this coming season or any
other season. It was "bye-bye Tim"!  
Tim was, however, given good references
and steered toward a private Christian 
middle school in Oklahoma where there is
an Assistant Football Coaching 
job available. The Lingerie League
was also mentioned.
Meanwhile, friend Kim Kardashian
who is currently experiencing her
'virgin pregnancy' has tweeted
Tim that she's available for a
'hand-job' when the 'spirit'
When Kim saw the 'Tim Tebow Cut'
headline, she thought it meant something else.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Does This Explicit Sex-Ed Elementary School Book from Germany Go Too Far? (NSFW Images)

For some U.S. Politicians these images from
a Sex Education text book in Germany may
be more than they can handle. 
Accordingly, we provide our standard
image warning.
In Germany all children in the 1st Grade 
are educated in answer to the question,
"Where did I come from?"  
Here's the Book. You decide if it
goes too far.

Although too explicit for most
Red State politicians, it does 
tell the 'The Story',

See President Obama's New "DO"! "I'm Not the Strapping Muslim Socialist I Used to Be." (Photo)

"I'm not the strapping Muslim Socialist
I used to be."
                                                                     -President Obama April 27, 2013 
Why not!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

For Our "BRIT" Friends! The Queen Speaks About The Popes Resignation!

From a Contributor in
Long Beach, California....... 
Case sustained.

Business is "BOOMING" in Texas! The Bangladesh Connection! (See The Sacramento Bee Cartoon)

Texas Governor Rick Perry wants an apology
for running this cartoon. 
'TEXaS FerTilizER PlanT GO
Apparently Governor Perry doesn't like 
the truth about his State
and it's businesses with 'low 
enforced' government regulations
resulting in death and mayhem to it's
people being exposed.
According to U.S. statistics, workers in "RED"
States are 15 times more likely to be killed or
injured in the workplace than in "BLUE" States
because of shoddy regulation enforcement.
This is Bangladesh last week.
This is Texas last week.
Combined more than 300 people died 
in these tragedies because
of shabby government regulation enforcement.
The owners of the Bangladesh buildings
have been arrested. How about the owners
of the Texas Fertilizer Plant?
And how about TEXAS corrupt,
nepotistic political personalities who
may have had hand in this tragedy?


Friday, April 26, 2013

See This Catalog of "Uglies" from The 'UGLY MODEL AGENCY' of London! (Photos)

 Is "UGLY" IN?
 'Ugly' is "IN" in some places.
So lets take a look at some of the catalog
of 'UGLIES' available for speacial
occasions at the 

Want to rent one?
Call The Ugly Model Agency!

Too Sexy? Meet The Man Deported from Saudi Arabia for Being "Too Handsome"! (Photos)

Meet Omar Borkan Al Gala!**
The man so good looking he was kicked out of
Saudi Arabia
and deported to Dubai.
Last month this man and 2 of his friends were
attending Riyadh's annual Janadriyah Festival 
at which time they were removed  and taken
into custody by The Saudi Religious Police*. 
The 3 men were subsequently deported to
their native Dubai and have begun to cautiously
speak out, with facebook being one of those
According to official records, the men were
"too handsome" and could capture the
(prurient) nature of women. (In defiance of
Islamic Law.)
 *Yes, Saudi Arabia maintains a large 'Religious Police Force' with the similar authority and powers of a 'free-world' law enforcement agency. Although typically involved with women and Islamic modesty doctrine, men are sometimes the targets.
**Omar identifies himself as an actor and poet from Dubai,
and says, "The eyes open the doors to women's hearts" (implying that handsomeness is subjective).