Friday, May 31, 2013

eBay Pulls 'Sale of "Spot in Heaven" Listing' after Bids Near 100k! (See the Listing Here)

31-year old Ari Mandel is obviously a very
enterprising young man. He identifies himself as a
with an Orthodox Jewish background.
Ari Mandel
But he was foiled this past week when his listing
(shown below) was pulled from auction by 
eBay administrators and told he could
not sell 'His Portion in Heaven' on
the website.
However, it is noted that his offering had
gained some interest in that 181 bids had been
received and the price tag had reached $99,900
before the ad was scuttled.
Ari has clearly proved the PT Barnum adage
that there's "a sucker born every minute", and we suspect
this isn't the last we'll hear from and about him.   

Julius Richard Petri - HAPPY 161st BIRTHDAY! (Photos and a Special Honor)

Today we're wishing a 
Microbiologist Julius Richard Petri,
inventor of the 
Petri Dish.
Petri is also being
honored today with his very own

Michele Bachmann's 8-Year 'Accomplishment' in The U.S. Congress!

Michele Bachmann's single 
"congressional business accomplishment"
in 8 years at the public trough was.....
are you ready for this?
Michele Bachmann 'supported' a bill 
acknowledging September as
 'National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month!
This "work" cost taxpayers millions of dollars in her salary
and perks, office staff and assistant salaries and perks,
along with "other expenses" running into the 100's of
thousands over Bachmann's 8 years of 'public service'.
During these 8 years Michele added to her
income at taxpayer expense by manipulating
a 'farm subsidy' for her family's flower farm and
finding tax money through federal grants to fund her 
husbands dubious 'mental health "clinic"'.
At the same time this 'Lilliput Lunatic' was
campaigning for the presidency and pimping
'Koch Brothers-Tea Party' duplicitous
dogma to a 'bent brained' constituency.
It has been noted that the Bachmann dung
never went outside the Red State Bible Belt

Michele Bachmann was 'bad news' for 
America and the American people.
But worse news for the American people
is that she was taken seriously and 
reported by the media as though she
had some substance and something to offer.
Michele Bachmann will be gone soon just
as Joe Walsh and Allen West are now gone.
But there are many other lunatics in the
U.S. moving front and center into the
So get ready for them.
We are.

Another Pit Bull Dog Pack Mauling Death: Owner Charged with Murder! A Call to Eradicate The Breed! (Photos)

The threat of attack from foreign or domestic
terrorists is a pale comparison to the blood,
caused by Pit Bull Dogs!
Pamela Devitt-Victim/Alex Jackson-Pitt Bull Dog Owner
Statistical data provides there have been more
deaths and injuries to Americans by Pit Bull attacks 
in the last 5 years than those who've been
 injured and killed by terrorists. 
Alex Jackson, 29, faces Murder Charges
Earlier this month 63-year old Pamela Devitt
was jogging near her home in Littlerock,
California when she was attacked by
6 of 8 Pit Bull Dogs owned by Alex Jackson.
One of Jackson's Pit Bulls in Custody
Mrs. Devitt's body was literally ripped apart
in this vicious attack. Her flesh was torn from her
bones and some body parts were severed.
Alex Jackson Arrested for Murder-May 30, 2013
After DNA and blood samples were taken from
Jackson's dogs immediately following the killing,
and found to be a match to Mrs. Devitt,
the dogs owner was arrested yesterday and
charged with murder.
We've a number of detailed articles on this
blog referencing Pit Bull Dog Attacks
and statistics. The evidence is
Pit Bull Dogs are bred TO KILL!
That's what PIT BULLS do.
It's Time to Eradicate The
Pit Bull Breed, Now! 

To be continued...........

Texas Rep. Steve Stockman: "GOD Gave Americans the Right to Have GUNS"!

First, will someone change this guys diaper, send him back
to the asylum and put him in a room far enough 
away from the visitors lounge so he won't 
stink up the place? 
Yesterday another Texas Lilliput Dumber than Dung
Politician in the Form of U.S. Congressman
Steve Stockman (R-Texas)
represented "GOD'S LAW" to his
Stockman said that 'GOD GAVE AMERICANS
called for American withdrawal from
The United Nations as that organization
is against the will of GOD.
Accordingly, using "Stockman Logic", does it
not follow that GOD chose President Obama to win
two terms of office?
That GOD gave women the 'RIGHT of CHOICE'?
The answer to these questions is probably
Because Stockman doesn't seem to have
any logic at all.

That said, we sincerely hope that for the good of
the country and for his own benefit 
that Stockman will get psychological help.
Religious fundamentalism IS a curable mental illness.
In the meantime, we have a suggestion. Instead of 
American withdrawal from the U.N., perhaps a more
responsible act would be America's
withdrawal from Texas. 

Todays PIC PICK! (Bacon Anybody?)

NO! This isn't Dog Poop!
It's Bacon! 
"The 23-Karat Gold Chocolate Bacon",
to be precise.

This specialty bacon comes from the
and sells for $40.-per 6 pack.
Note the real gold 'sprinkle' garnish.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Should Chuck Norris be Arrested and Charged with Vandalism on These Subjects? (NSFW)


Should Chuck Norris be charged
with Vandalism on this car?
Probably Not. The Car deserved it!
And should he be charged with
Vandalism on this woman?
Probably Not. She deserved it too.
She consented.

Jennifer Lopez Exhibits Bawdy Booty and "Beaver-Tease" on 'Brittain's Got Talent'! (PHOTOS)

J-Lo Went to Brittain
She gave some MONTY-TEASE!
And Some BOOTY Too!
Lots of IT!
GO J-Lo!

Chuck Norris Endorses Tim Tebow for QB Arena League Football Contract! Is it a 'Kiss of Career Death?

This past week the decrepit, some say senile,
Chuck Norris endorsed Tim Tebow in what we 
suspect was an unwanted backing for a QB
contract with the Football Arena League.
In his trademark inarticulate style Norris wrote on
the Newsbusters website that Tebow was ripe for a
contract with The Jacksonville Jaguars, a 3rd
rate Arena League (Flag?) Football team that
no one pays much attention to.
To his credit, Tebow has not responded to Norris's
Consider that Norris has to the number backed 
LOSERS in the past. Shortly after he backed
Newt Gingrich for President, Newt was bitten
by a penguin in St. Louis and dropped
out of the race (fact).
Given 'Walker on a Walker's' track record we
must conclude that any endorsement 
from him must be
"The Kiss of Career Death"!
Accordingly our admonition to Chuck Norris
is that he pay less attention to politics and
sports, and more attention to his wig 
makers, plastic surgeons, and the 
brand of colostomy bag he's currently using.

Todays PIC PICK! (Refreshing and Beautiful)

Something Beautiful?
With today's 'ugly news' isn't seeing something
Beautiful refreshing?
Blue-Belle Beauty!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Speak to Women! A Man's (INFOGRAHIC) "Significant Other" Survival Guide to Happiness!


Has U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham Been Caught in an Awkward Moment? Also-More on Michele Bachmann's Retirement! (Photos)

Today Capitol Hill is buzzing over this recent photo
that some say is U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham
on ''The Appellation Trail''.
First, we don't believe that this is Lindsey caught
off-guard at an awkward moment. But we've heard
the stories.
Lindsey? Are you a lesbian?

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann has 
announced her 'retirement' from congress,
effective in 2014.
Michele? Is that You withOUT the makeup?

Michele? Are you a lesbian too?
Now that you're retiring from congress you can
finally be who you really are.
"Yes I Can".

Is This JC PENNEY "HITLER-TEA KETTLE" Billboard a 'TEA PARTY' Political Statement? (Update)

Is this jcpenney 
'TEA PARTY' political statement
in disguise? 
True or not, that tea kettle sure bears a
caricature resemblance to Hitler.
Update: After this story went viral on reddit, an enterprising
soul sold one of these "tea kettles" for at least
$199.99 on Ebay!

Michele Bachmann to Retire From Congress in 2014!

In a vague statement early this morning,

Michele Bachmann 
announced on You Tube and Facebook that
she will retire from congress in 2014, and
will not seek a 5th 2-year term.
And "THEY" Work in Mysterious Ways. 
We speculate that the Koch Brothers
pulled the plug on Michele's political career
NOW as the criminal investigation into her campaign
financing was getting too close to them. 
We suspect that The Koch's act was intended to
dissipate the current momentum and energy
of that investigation.
We also suspect that this now identified 
congressional "welfare queen" (i.e. farm subsidies
and federal grants for her husbands businesses)
along with the revelation that
Michele and her family recently completed
their dual citizenship applications in Switzerland 
would not have played well with voters
in her district in 2014.
Let us say 'bye-bye' to an