Monday, July 8, 2013

America! Beware Food Products from Texas and Other Red States! (A Health and Safety Advisory Alert)

If you've purchased food products from any
of the RED Gulf States recently and they looked and
tasted as if they were cured in "BP-Oil",
it's because they probably have been.
If these products look a little "funny", or
smell a bit odd, that's because they are and do.

The meat products are all suspect because
these "states" regulatory standards are
virtually non-existent. And where they do exist
are not reasonably enforced.
Still, we are told they are 'safe to eat'!
But sometimes they're not.
This Texas Meat Packing Plant and it's
'River of Blood'
pig renderings disposal technique is the
stuff of a Third World Mentality. And it went on for
years until a U.S. Drone discovered it.
Located just East of Dallas, pig's blood ran freely
down to a (now contaminated) river carrying
disease to the Gulf where "water" food 
products are harvested. Even now.  
Birth defects, spontaneous abortions, brain cancer 
and chronic illnesses are all related
 to foods contaminated with
antibiotics, dyes, hormones, human and
animal waste and pesticides and other
foreign contaminates, 
including oil and blood. 
Check out those food labels, and you may want
to reconsider any food product coming from a
poorly 'food safety' regulated  
RED Gulf State.

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