Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weiner Stays Firm and Hard-On Remaining In NYC Mayoral Race! (Photos)

Anthony Weiner, the full frontal 
front runner in the NYC Mayoral race is
"HARD-ON" and staying
FIRM about remaining 'IN'!
Weiner is NOT pulling out 
of the race despite the 'new-old' sexting
allegations that are back and full frontal
in the tabloids today.
So, Weiner allegedly used the handle
'Carlos Danger' on the website
The Dirty.com for 'chat' a year or so
ago. So 'f-ing' what?
Does anybody really care?
Frankly, when our politicians are sexually
satisfied they do a better job.
Lets set Anthony's "Weiner" aside,
vote for him in the coming erlections,
and get on with the business of 
continuing greatness of the greatest
city in the world!

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