Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Colin Kaepernick ~ LeBron James and The Really Serious Great "HAT" Controversy in Sports! (Photos)

Some folks in the sports world are
SERIOUS, REALLY SERIOUS when their Superstars 
take a break from the norm and don hats
from teams not their own.
Earlier this year SF 49n'r Colin Kaepernick donned
 a full SF Giants uniform 
when he threw out a first pitch at a Giants
game and front office sports franchises across the
country came unglued.
LeBron? What in the world were you thinking?
NY? They don't pay your salary.
Remember this 49n'r?
He got fined for being out of 'uniform' 
in a very public place.
OOPs! Good Grief! What's going on with that hat?
When upstart Golf Pro Ricky Fowler turned his hat
around at a major tournament he got in deep doo-doo 
with PGA officials and was threatened with
expulsion from the event because of it.
They're just hats!

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