Sunday, July 28, 2013

Did GOD Make a Mistake When HE Designed Ducks Penises? A Question for Kirk Cameron and Christian Evangelicals!

Kirk! Here is a big chance to redeem yourself with
your followers and in the eyes of our Lord God.
Last year,
your "proof" that 'evolution is a 
hoax' in the form of
The prehistoric 'Crock-Duck'
still roaming the wilds of America's 
Bible Belt was an unmitigated 
disaster that was handily discredited 
and decimated by Honey Boo Boo.
But now you have another chance.
You can answer a burning question in 
the minds of the Christian Community.
Last year's Tea Party-Republican Party
Congress approved "DUCK PENIS" 
Study had some disturbing findings.
Accordingly, here's the question:
Before God made humans and attached a
well designed penis to the males, HE 
created the animals first, including ducks.
However, the recent discovery made in the
'duck penis' research found  
(as shown in the following photo)
that there appears to be a 
significant DESIGN FLAW.
Did GOD make a mistake when HE
designed Ducks Penises?  
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Patricia Brennan,
'Duck Science'.
Kirk, since you completely missed GOD'S 
'evolutionary points' made in Genesis,
you have another chance here.
If you get it wrong this time,
GOD is going to be really pissed!

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