Monday, July 15, 2013

Racism Fueled: Treyvon Martin's Killer is Set Free as The Oscar Grant Documentary 'Fruitvale Station' Debuts!

"Dog Bites Man" ~ No Story.
"African American Kills African American" ~ No Story.
Oscar Grant Funeral
Although 98% of all crime committed AGAINST
African Americans is committed BY African
Americans including murder, especially 
murder, it is strikingly, disingenuously odd that 
that when a cop or white person kills a 
black person the black community goes rabid
and commits more crime.
Notable examples are found in the Rodney King
and Oscar Grant matters, and we're 
witnessing it again with 
Treyvon Martin right now.
Treyvon Martin (L.) Killed by George Zimmerman
BLACK on BLACK crime is the pathetic
norm in the BLACK community, and the
BLACK community doesn't appear to be
doing anything to stem this tide.
Right now there are thousands, that's
THOUSANDS, of BLACKS in jail awaiting trial
in this nation on
BLACK on BLACK murder charges.
(For verification of this fact, contact the Alameda
County and LA County Sheriff's Offices and 
Probation Departments, Law Enforcement
authorities in Detroit, Chicago, St Louis,
New York, Philadelphia and other urban
centers for the figures.)   
Instead of any meaningful intra-community efforts,
the BLACK community chooses to selectively
demonstrate an open indiscriminate ire and violence
in the community at large,
fanned by the ideological fantasies 
of both liberal and conservative media. 
And the rest of us are paying the bills on the 
real damages created by this fact. 
Today we have 'Fruitvale Station',
a "white-washed" documentary film of the black
Oscar Grant 
who was killed by ding-bat misfit BART cop,

Johannes Mehserle.
And Oakland California's BLACK community went 
Violent at every step of  way in the
Mehserle proceedings costing tax payers
Currently, in Florida 
George Zimmerman,
a short, fat, 'sack of nuts' wannabe-cop has been found
'Not Guilty' by a competent jury in the 
killing of
Treyvon Martin.
is back on the streets of America
(further alienating the people who would
otherwise support them) with 
indiscriminate violence.
Oakland, California July 13, 2013
Until and unless the Black Community finds
responsible Leadership combined with a 
Single-Minded Commitment 
to clean up their own morality and spirit,
that community will have no real 
support from any thinking,
responsible person.

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