Sunday, July 28, 2013

Michele Bachmann Follows GOD'S Admonition to Leave Congress! (Photo)

~The "REAL" Story Behind Michele Bachmann's
decision to retire from Congress~

GOD must really be pissed at Michele Bachmann.
Insiders are saying that "Tea Party Michele" is 
privately sharing a vision she had a few
months back while praying up a storm at
the Congressional Prayer Caucus.
The story goes that GOD spoke to Michele and said,
"You make ME look BAD in the eyes of America and
the world. Thy disloyal and unfaithful Poopy-head
Servant, Resign from Congress  
OR I will make YOU look like 
"Or worse, THIS!"
Michele apparently believed GOD'S
admonition to her and announced her retirement 
from Congress that day.  
Meanwhile, other sources are saying they saw
Grover Norquist leaving the prayer caucus
premises with small wireless speakers,
a sleeve mic, and a laser pointer shortly after
Michele reported her communication with 

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