Monday, July 22, 2013

Huffpost Demonizes Zimmerman Jurors ~ Corporate Media Insanity Sinks to New Lows!

To Clarify.....
 Today there is no Liberal-Progressive Media.
And, there is no Conservative Media. 
In today's America,
Corporate Media in the "free" world is owned by
only a few people and a few organizations
and functions under an 'editorial ideology',
often without much editorial policy
with PROFITS being the all
important bottom line.
A Free Press is "FREE" only to those who
own them.
One of the newest cases in point is
Over the last couple years the HuffPost has been
spiraling lower and lower from it's bottom feeding
past with insane promotions of ignorance that is doing
damage to the very causes they seem to 
be promoting.
Witness the 'white-wash' Trayvon Martin/George
Zimmerman matter in which Martin is 'everything good',
and Zimmerman is 'everything bad', and our case
is made.
A new LOW, however, was found this past week when
trashed the jury that found Zimmerman "Not Guilty" of
murdering Trayvon.
Since no impropriety could be attached to this 
competent jury, the method of 
'demonizing' took the form of criticizing this jury for
enjoying 'manicures' and movies while they were sequestered.
We've been critical of the 
extreme right wing, misleading "journalism" in the past.
It is only fitting and intellectually honest
to do likewise when the same disingenuous
activity is also present anyplace else.
Will "REAL" journalism ever return to America?

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