Monday, July 8, 2013

Is it Time to Say "BYE-BYE" to Saggy Pants? (A Pictorial Review)

'Crazy-Odd' America has always demonstrated some
really strange cultural practices in it's history. 
There does, however, come a time when
Enough is Enough.
And that time maybe now for 
 Has the time come for us to say
"BYE-BYE" to Saggy Pants?
Take a look at this pictorial review
and YOU decide.
Americans have the right to 
'freedom of expression'.
But where's our right NOT to witness this
freedom in public places?
If Big Wonka covered up that chocolate
factory we'd all be happier campers,
wouldn't we? 
And who wants to see an insect-like
 midget teen rock
star's little candy-ass butt?
Is there some difficulty when this guy
has to run from the cops?
Will someone call the Health Department?
Is this a walking health hazard?
At  what point does 'freedom of expression'
become obscene public behavior?
And the tats look like crap too.
So there it is, folks.
Is some re-evaluation about common decency
in order?
Is it time to say "BYE-BYE" to Saggy Pants? 

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