Sunday, July 21, 2013

"JUSTICE RALLIES for TRAYVON"! Where's The Justice For.....?

Today, racial unrest promoters are staging more than 
100 "JUSTICE for TRAYVON" Events
in 100 American cities!
Fine! But where is the JUSTICE for:
~The 100's of Black on BLACK crime victims suffering
from gun violence since George Zimmerman was
found "NOT GUILTY" of Murdering Trayvon Martin
by a Competent Jury?
98% of all crime on Black people in America
is committed by other BLACK people! 
Where's the JUSTICE? 
~The Taxpayers who pay for the costs of Security and
vandalism now associated with "Justice for Trayvon"
The cost of law enforcement overtime pay and
vandalism CLEAN-UP and repair is
already counted into the 10's
of millions! 
Where's the Justice?
~The Victims of Violent Crime in the name
100's of Violent Crime Victims have been
directly identified and connected to
"Justice for Trayvon" Rallies! 
Where's the Justice? 
Where is "JUSTICE for ALL" in America Today?
Should Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other
promoters of these rallies be held
in a competent court of law for
these atrocities? 
Next: Are these "Trayvon Justice Zealots"
trying to start a 'RACE WAR'?


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