Friday, July 12, 2013

Media Fail! FOX NEWS Duped into Telling Racist Joke About SF Plane Crash as Fact!

The Asiana Plane Crash Landing at 
San Francisco International
Airport that left 3 dead and scores 
injured topped the Bay Area news this week.
On Wednesday the names of the pilots and 
flight crew were released, and a 
FOX NEWS affiliate station (KTVU) was 
duped into telling a racist joke when 
it reported who they were. 
Saying that Flight Crew names had 
been verified by the
Federal Aviation Administration, 
a news anchor solemnly read
 the names from a teleprompter.
These were the names she read.
The mistake was discovered a few minutes 
later and the station 
apologized for the mishap. 
We also had 
The Chicago Sun-Times
reporting 'Asiana Flight 214'
as "FRIGHT 214".
And so it went.
With Corporate Media and Pat Robertson
"reporting" today's news,
do we really need John Stewart and SNL? 

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