Saturday, July 13, 2013

Remembering The Original Austin Healey Sprite ~ Sexier Than Lauren Bacall? (Photos)

Some guys have sexual attachments to their cars.
 I'm one of them.
Lauren Bacall was sexy too.
One of our all-time top 5 favorites.
But it was this face that stole our
affections in 1958.
In 1958, this Mark 1, 2-door 2-seat Roadster
with the big "bug eyes" was introduced to
the world and a love affair began.
She stood a mere 47 inches with her hood up.
But this girl had her top off most of time,
so no one much noticed her height.
She was sleek and sensible.
Just look at that ass!
Perfect curvature, with a slight
buttocks uplift, and a tight 
gas-hole to complement. 
Her heart was a 43 horsepower engine,
delivering a respectable, honorable
38-45 MPG for a
long-term relationship.
Snug Fit!
Always erotically responsive!
Classic Beauty is Forever.

And that face. That Fabulous Face!


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