Sunday, July 7, 2013

Remembering The 'ZOOT-SUIT' in 'Crazy-Odd' America! (A Pictorial Review)

America is and always has been 
a 'Crazy-Odd' Place!
A place where good and bad things, and 
everything else in-between HAPPENS.
In our grandparents era people wanting to have
FUN had it.
At the same time Conservative 'Calvinist' Christians
were saying "Have Fun, and YOU WILL Go to Hell"!
Sound familiar? 
Both before and after the 1940's, as well as today,
is an American norm.
Here's a brief pictorial review of the garb some of
our 'Crazy-Odd' ancestors wore in the 1940's
 and some of the events of their era.
This young man "proves" the moral decay
of society as he's gone against "God's Will".
Look at how these "Zooters" strut.
Let's set that feather in his hat
on fire. Teach him a lesson.
This guy in the yellow suit is UN-American.
A Hitler 'plant' to destroy the moral fiber of
America's over seas fighting men.
This couple may be 'stylin',
but they're also 'oozin'
sex and promiscuity too.
'God' will send them them straight
to Hell on judgement day which is
very soon. (September 23, 1944)
Look at THAT car. This is what 
"stolen produce" can buy. And that guy's
squeeze is 'packin heat in
the pachucko skirt' too.
Also note the 
whore in the background.
America has fallen from the graces
of God.
This young man is 'ready to strut',
STRAIGHT to HELL and Damnation.

"Zoot Gangs" run wild in the Streets of America.
Our ancestors didn't need 'gay-pride parades'.
Those things were always there for them
to witness right on the streets
365 days a year.
And today 'Crazy-Odd' America has
Mitch McConnell
Sarah Palin
Pat Robertson

and Twerking too.
And these things shall pass into history just
as 'The Zoots' have done.
Although a 'good twerk' and
The JITTERBUG remain timeless
art forms!  

And silly 'Crazy-Odd' America
will continue to be

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