Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tea Party GOP Nominates "CRIMES AGAINST NATURE" Candidate Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia!

 In this 'off-year' election season one of the races
we're watching closely is the "FREAK SHOW"
candidacy of Tea Party-Republican
gubernatorial nominee 
in Virginia.
Ken Cuccinelli is 45 years old, married with 7
children, a career politician, and is Virginia's
current Attorney General.
Cuccinelli lists his religion as "Roman Catholicism",
which seems to translate (in practical terms) to
an odd form of  'Calvinist-Catholic-Christianity'.
A kind of Christian (Taliban) "Sharia" Law
that seems to dominate his political attitude
and deeds.
For example, Cuccinelli is clear in his drive to
re-establish all 'anti-sodomy' law in Virginia.
Although oral sex has been the primary 
center of controversy and discussion, 
anal sex, masturbation, and homosexual
sexual activity also fit into Cuccinelli's broader
definition of "CRIMES AGAINST NATURE".
"CRIMES" that a Governor Cuccinelli would
want to legislate against and give penalty to.

Essentially, the only sexual activity that would
be permissible in "CUCCINELLI'S VIRGINIA" would 
be 'missionary position sex' between a married
man and woman (to each other), without 
contraceptives for the purpose of 
procreation only.
Anything else would be subject to
criminal prosecution.
Virginia voters do have other choices for
Governor this coming November.
Stay tuned for updates and outcome of
this race for Virginia's Statehouse.

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