Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Ghetto Booty" ~ Tennessee Woman's Medical Diagnosis for Lumbar Lordosis! (See the Images)

 Apparently the new term for 'Lumbar Lordosis',
(one form of the cause of lower back pain,
commonly termed "sway back") is
Last week when Memphis resident Terry Ragland, 55,
sought medical treatment for lower back pain from
Orthopedist Timothy Sweo, she was diagnosed and
told she suffered from "Ghetto Booty". 
Dr. Sweo has apologized for using the term,
saying essentially he was simply trying to put
Ms. Ragland's condition in lay terminology.
Her condition stems from an inward curve of the
spine located just above the buttocks.
And it looks something like this.
Proper exercise is a common treatment

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