Friday, July 19, 2013

Treyvon Martin "DAILY NEWS" Cover and Story Fails The Credibility Test!

Corporate Biased News Outlet

and other biased media describe this 
cover and story as 'Awesome'. 
Given The Prosecution failed to prove it's case before
a competent jury, the verdict in the Zimmerman matter
was neither a surprise nor shocking to thinking people.
In fact, the jury in this case should be commended for
not caving to pressures coming from some media outlets,
and political figures with something to gain
for themselves.  
Even now, after the fact,
is making an effort to discredit and demonize
the jurors in this matter,
while showing this 6 year old photo of Trayvon.
Why are they not showing this 
Trayvon video capture on the 
night of his death? A considerably older
Trayvon here.
Or this undated photo of Trayvon flipping
the 'double bird'?
Or this?
This too.

And why is it that Trayvon is ALWAYS shown in a white
hoodie when he was wearing black 
on the night of his death?
Trayvon sure looks a lot older on the day he died
than what corporate media has
been showing us, doesn't he?
Why is corporate media not telling the stories of
violence occurring in the country associated with 
Zimmerman's 'not guilty' verdict?

The "HATE CRIME" that is happening right now
in Trayvon's name in various parts 
of the Country?
Oakland, California: In the name of Trayvon?

And Trayvon's Parents?
Why is the fact that his parents
(information) been buried?
'Trayvon! A Corporate Cash Cow? 
The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case
is an American tragedy.
A young man is dead and a wake of 
senseless violence follows as more death
 continues in some kind of twisted
logic that such is in the
'Spirit of Justice'
for Trayvon.
And it's all Bullshit!
The credibility of the "DAILY NEWS" story
and those stories coming from all sides
of the corporate media fail the credibility test
because there is only one bottom line to it.  
Justice for Trayvon and the rest of us will happen
only when a "corporate mentality" and practice
are removed from the myriad social
issues confronting America today,
and replaced by honest reporting.

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