Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why is Rachel Maddow Playing with Anthony Weiner's Penis?

So why is Rachel Maddow playing with
Anthony Weiner's penis?
Is she comparing his size to hers?
Maybe it's because of an article found in
saying that Weiner ejaculates within 30 seconds
during phone sex and she doesn't?
Or, perhaps Maddow is playing politics with the
most celebrated penis in history because she
supports Christine Quinn for Mayor of
New York City 
who (to our knowledge) doesn't have a penis.
It's "politics" folks. Penis Politics!
Anthony Weiner is the current 
in the New York Mayoral contest. 
Let us put the most potent and virile
candidate in office this coming November by
voting for Anthony Weiner and his penis
and let them do the work for the people
of New York City.
In the meantime, lets allow
Rachel Maddow 
to stick her Arianna Huffington dildo
back in her mouth to chew on.

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