Friday, July 12, 2013

Wife of Fallen Soldier's Pregnancy by Soldier's Brother, 13, Splits Fundamentalist Christian Church!



On November 15, 2011, James C. turned 18
years old and enlisted in the U.S. Army. 
When his basic training was completed he married
Martha, also 18.
Both James and Martha grew up in, and fully
embraced the tenets of their church.
From childhood, they went to church twice
on Sunday and once in the middle 
of the week.
They were both baptized by immersion at age 12,
did not go to school dances or to movies as
these things were against the teachings of
their church. Neither James nor Martha
drank alcoholic beverages. They took
 an 'unleavened bread, fruit of the vine'
church communion every Sunday.
James and Martha were devout fundamentalist
Christians and followed the teachings of their
faith to the letter. They were honorable,
intellectually honest people.
In June 2012, James was deployed to Afghanistan,
and in August of that year, he was killed by a Taliban suicide
bomber. At the time of his death the couple was
childless and Martha was not pregnant.

Today Martha is in her 5th month of 
pregnancy and she and the rest of the family
are open about the fact that the biological
father of the unborn is James' only brother, 
Bradley, age 13.

Fundamentalist Christians are split down the
middle in this small Tennessee town about
Martha's pregnancy and how
and why she got that way.
Half are in
full support of Martha and her family, and
half are working to dis-fellowship 
her and her family, and
her deceased husband's family from their church.
Martha's entire family is of one mind in their faith
(and in the righteousness of this pregnancy) as being 
true and faithful to the inspired word and 
directions of God.
Citing Genesis Chapter 38, Martha and James'
families recite God's instruction that when 
a husband dies and the wife was childless,
the brother of the deceased was to 
procreate with the widow.
Martha and her family along with James'
family now find themselves embroiled in a
profound fundamentalist Christian dogma
dispute with no end in sight.
Your thoughts? 
                                                          ~WEB-WORLD CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES

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