Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bradley Manning AKA Chelsea Manning ~ A Lesson in "Political Correctness" with Entertainment!

'Let us Entertain You'
with today's lesson in
Earlier this week
Bradley Manning 
was convicted of 'crimes against America',
and sentenced to 35 years in prison.
The following day, Mr. Manning announced
that HE is now
Chelsea Manning,
a female trapped in a male body, and
henceforth will be Ms. Manning,
a woman in the process of physical
gender reassignment.
So be it.
We respect these things even though
we don't understand them very well,
and wish the best for Ms./Mr Manning.
What we don't respect and "get" is
the gushing-goo coming from the likes
of what we heard on the Randi Rhodes Show
yesterday, and today in
in a feeble, condescending attempt to 'educate'
in 'political correctness' as such relates
to the transgender community.
There is also "Legal Correctness"!
Bradley Manning was convicted as Bradley,
not Chelsea. HIS birth certificate and all
legal documents provide that 
Bradley is still Bradley, and we suspect he still
has a 'dick'.
And so, lets be "Legally Correct" and truthful,
which is the higher form of
"Political Correctness". 
...and That's Entertainment!

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