Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 years in Prison for WikiLeaks Disclosures! A Message to Edward Snowden?

 35 YEARS!
Bradley Manning, 25, was sentenced to 35 years in
prison today after being convicted on 19 counts, 
including 6 Espionage Act violations,
stemming from the massive information he
gave to WikiLeaks detailing sensitive,
secret government documents relating to
the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
 So, where is Julian Assange?
The showboat wanted criminal who
designed when and how Manning's
information was distributed to America
and it's Allies enemies?
 Assange is reportedly languishing in asylum
in Venezuela being the sometimes
spokesman for wanted criminal
Edward Snowden.
Is there a message here for Snowden,
and the designers and distributors
of the stolen U.S. secret-sensitive
government information
Snowden gave to 
Glenn Greenwald 
and most likely others?
Is Greenwald and others culpable in
any crime against the safety and security
of America and it's citizens?
To be continued..........

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