Thursday, August 8, 2013

Christian Fundamentalist Faith-Healing Parents Kill Second Child with Prayer! Charged with Murder! (Mug Shots)

Yesterday, a Philadelphia judge upheld murder
charges against Herbert and Katherine Schaible
in the death of their 8-month old son, Brandon,
and ordered the prosecution to move forward
in the matter.
Four years ago the Schaible's were convicted of
manslaughter in the death of their 2-year old son,
Kent, and placed on 10 years probation, with a 
condition that their other children would
receive MEDICAL ATTENTION in any
 case of illness.
In his decision, the judge cited striking similarities
in the deaths of both Brandon and Kent in that
neither child received medical attention and
both died of pneumonia. Both children were
the victims of "faith-healing" prayer.
Herbert Schiable says he believes that prayer alone
in the name of Jesus Christ heals human illnesses. 
Herbert and Katherine are members of 
The First Century Gospel Church,
and are currently incarcerated.
Their 7 surviving children now
face foster care. 

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