Friday, August 23, 2013

College Newspaper Cover with 18 Vaginas Censored! (See the Honi Soit Unsensored NSFW Cover Photo)

~Sydney, Australia~

The University of Sydney's Newspaper is
currently embroiled in a 'Free Speech'
controversy with just about everybody 
because oftheir most recent cover
 featuring 18 vagina's.
 Given that these vaginas belonged to student
volunteers who agreed to share their
"down unders" publicly, to "protect censorship
and to bring attention to the
'over-sexualization' of women's body parts",
Editor Lily Patchett
says the complete censorship her publication
experienced will be a matter for
the Courts.
The following photo shows the cover
the censored product.
This IS the UNCENSORED Cover!
Although we lean toward Ms. Patchett's thinking,
we can understand why there is some controversy
with the subject matter.
How about you?

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