Thursday, August 29, 2013

Conservative Christianity ~ Duck Commander Sundays ~ Snake Handling 'Faith' Tests and Tea Party Politics!

A "Duck Commander Sermon"?
'Let us pray to the Lord!'
Fundamentalist Christianity, now referred to as
has always had at least one 'broken axle'
on it's bus insofar as thinking people are
 concerned, and as George Carlin points out here: 
Although these religions have evolved and morphed
into something else from their Calvinist roots,
their freaky-creepy nature still prevails.
These Snake Handling 'Test of Faith' photos 
tell a story of the past, although snake handling 
remains a cultist force within
to this day.  

Does this guy have 'Ted Cruz Eyes'?
In today's 'covan-like' fundamentalism,
we're more likely to find Christian Militias
who fear governments (usually ours), with 
Sue Ann Nivens Mentalities
who want to teach 'Creationism' in public schools
and criminalize masturbation through
government legislation in the current blur
of 'Duck Commander Sundays' and 'Take 
Your Guns to Church' programs while preaching
''GOD'S WORD!?''
Did we say only ONE broken axle?
This is some of the stuff we found after receiving
notice in our news feed today.
The other story here is that most, if not all within
this 'cult' vote for "Koch Brothers Tea Party" 
candidates and causes, think Allen West has a
brain even if he is black, and believe the current
government wants to take their guns away,
and maybe their duck whistles too.

So, where's Christ in all this?
Well, stay tuned. We're going to church this
Sunday and try to find him. 
                                                    ~Contributed by I-NETNUT-TOON NETWORK


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