Friday, August 30, 2013

Did North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un Execute His Singer and Girlfriend Because of a Sex Tape?

Were there other reasons?
Unconfirmed reports are wildly circulating the Globe 
today saying that North Korea's Supreme Leader,
Kim Jong-Un, 
ordered the execution of his pop singer girlfriend
after learning she had participated in a 
pornographic sex tape with 11 men.
At age 22, and then a student, Kim Jong-Un, 
aka 'Little Fat Shit', had been dating 
Hyon Song Wol,
the songstress with the mega-hit
tunes, "Excellent Horse-Like Lady", and
the ever popular, "I Love Polygang"
when he learned of her porn-deeds.
According to some reports, 'Little Fat Shit' ordered
Hyon's execution by machine gun firing squad 
along with the 11 men with her in the tape as 
he watched the event from a tank (in 2005).
There are also reports that Kim was not
happy with Hyon's unreleased song,
"So Long Tiny Dong Kim Jong",
an up-tempo novelty tune, which 
may have been another reason for her execution
if there ever was one in the first place.

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