Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Edward Snowden/Glenn Greenwald: How Many Americans Will Die Because of Their Crimes Against America?

How many Americans will die because of
espionage crimes against
The United States?
America has secret operative agents working around the
globe with the purpose of protecting and combating 
against terrorist attacks and death to America's people.
How many of these agents were compromised when
Edward Snowden put secret, classified and sensitive 
information in the public domain?
This article asks questions. Lots of them.
Hopefully, the answers will come sooner than later.
Author, columnist and blogger
Glenn Greenwald is credited with being the
conduit to the wide release of this sensitive,
deleterious information now affecting all
Americans and those working to protect
this country's citizens.
Why did he do it?
Should Greenwald be held criminally
accountable for his part in making secret,
classified U.S. information public?
Why does Greenwald reside and work from his
home located high in the mountains of 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?
Greenwald makes no secret of his homosexuality
and the fact that he lives with his gay lover,
David Michael Miranda,
and their 10 dogs in Brazil.
Glenn Greenwald - David Miranda
Does Miranda play a part in 
the Snowden scenario?
Julian Assange has played a vocal role in
the Snowden matter.
Julian Assange
How and why is he involved with
Greenwald, Miranda and Snowden?
Is Julian Assange gay?
There are unconfirmed reports that he is.
One report has it that Assange periodically has his 
hair dyed "Jean Harlow Blond", has worked as a 
drag queen and likes muscular, tattooed
'rent boys'.
Is there a 'gay connection' here?
Is Edward Snowden just the tip of 
an iceberg to a bigger story?
Is he the dupe here?
Is Snowden gay too?
Is there a conspiracy to destroy virtually all
organized world governments with these sources
and yet to be identified participants?
And who is Laura Poitras?
What role did she play in the distribution of secret,
sensitive, classified U.S. security information?

Why has she spent a goodly amount of time with 
Greenwald and Miranda at their home in Rio?
What direct relationships has she with Snowden,
Greenwald, Miranda and Assange?
An investigative report from the
New York Times Magazine may have some of
the answers to this and other questions.
And why has the corporate media remained
virtually silent about this easily found information?
Why are some of the 'bottom feeder' Internet
media outlets seemingly having a symbiotic
"love" relationship with Snowden and Greenwald?
Is there some kind of convoluted 
road map being developed here?

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