Friday, August 16, 2013

Is Judge Lu Anne Ballew Practicing "Christian-Sharia" Law in The Tennessee Courts?

Is "Christian-Sharia Law" acceptable in 
If not, why is Judge Lu Anne Ballew practicing it?
She just unilaterally and without cause or provocation
changed the name of a child in open court
because she "believes" the name "Messiah" belongs only to
Jesus Christ,
and said so 'on the record'!
Although the parents are appealing the
"judge's" ruling, in the meantime 'Messiah's'
legal name is Martin!
Are we witnessing 
"Tennessee American-Christian-Justice" 
Look Out America!
And did you know that judge's cannot be personally
sued and held liable for anything they do on the bench in 
the course of their judiciary duties, no matter
how egregious those things might be?

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