Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Judge Orders "Messiah" Baby Name Birth Certificate Change on Religious Principles Without Parents Approval in Tennessee Court!

When the De Shawn-McCullough family appeared
in a Tennessee Family Court this past week with
their 7-month old son, Messiah, on an unrelated
matter they didn't expect to leave with their
son's birth certificate name changed 
to Martin De Shawn-McCullough.
Christian fundamentalist
Tennessee Child Support Magistrate
exacted her religious beliefs on this family when 
she learned the baby's name was "Messiah", 
and ordered his name changed to "Martin",
saying, "There was only one person who earned
the name "Messiah", and that person was
Jesus Christ", in her pronouncement. 
The name "Messiah" is growing in popularity,
 being the 4th most popular name
given to children in America in 2012.
The De Shawn-McCullough family is appealing
Judge Ballew's order.
As a point of discussion, should the circumstance
ever present when "Judge" Ballew would stand before
a Muslim Judge and was ordered, "to wear a burka 
and have her lips sewn shut because she was
wearing lipstick", would such 
"justice logic" not be acceptable?

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