Monday, August 12, 2013

Men ~ Skinny-Dip Warning: This Fish Will Bite Your Balls Off! (Photos)(Update)

Update~September 25, 2013: Today there is confirmation
that a 10-inch "testicle eating" Pacu has been
found in the waters of New Jersey.
Update~September 6 ,2013: The Pacu Fish has now been
sighted and reportedly biting balls 
AND Penises in France. 
He's also reportedly migrating into the UK,
according to marine biologists who are
tracking this little monster. 
Now to our original story.
Health officials in Denmark and Sweden are warning
skinny-dippers to keep their bathing suits on these
days as The Pacu Fish, a
fresh water fish has been found in the
Danish/Swedish strait of Oresund.  
The Pacu can weigh up to 55 pounds, has big teeth 
and a mean, nasty face.
The Pacu is native to South America, but has been
sighted in the Northern waters of America
and now in the Netherlands.
Pacu (Colossoma Macropopomum) is described
as a "friendly" cousin of the Piranha.
However, there are confirmed reports
that 'Big Pacu' has snapped off fingers and
bitten the balls off unsuspecting nude
swimmers with some fatalities reported, 
thus the warning.
Great Whites can also be a problem!

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