Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sarah Palin to Host "Beauty School Dropout" Luncheon at Taco Bell! (A Recruitment Rally for Women and Hispanics)

is making a full-out attempt to bring women
and Hispanics into their voting ranks in the
2014 and 2016 election cycles.
To this end,
Sarah Palin is hosting the first ever
luncheon at an El Paso, Texas
Taco Bell restaurant Sarah recently visited
with her friend and political ally
Ted Nugent.
Sarah says Ted especially likes Taco Bell's special
'whipped cream waffle taco', while she prefers 
'the Happy Hour Big Gulp',
Most attendees, however, will just have
the standard taco, according to 
event organizers.

Conchita M., 15, and mother of 3, will be eligible
to vote in 2016, is already signed up for the 
for the event.
Conchita, who dropped out of school at 13,
attended beauty school and dropped out
of that too, says Sarah is her role model
because "she doesn't finish anything either".
Sarah says she plans an outreach to the
gay community soon, but will schedule that 
event at a nearby
                                                                          ~a GAD-IC

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