Monday, August 19, 2013

Sean Hannity Replaced at FOX NEWS by Beauty School Dropout! (An I-Cartoon)

From a number of reports,
has "dumped"
Sean Hannity,
and has replaced him with
Beauty School Dropout...
what's her name(?)...
Oh yes,
Miss Bingo(!)
in his coveted time slot.
In accepting her new position, Miss Bingo
says, "this is the job I've been laying for since
I joined the organization 19 years ago".
Miss Bingo also pointed out that she thought she could 
turn the tricks in the ratings wars as well, given
Hannity has experienced double digit audience
loses in the last couple years.
It is also noted that Miss Bingo 
recently unveiled the new GOP-TEA PARTY
Elephant logo with the motto,
"Somebody has to do it!"  
in anticipation of the 2014 and
2016 election cycles.

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