Tuesday, August 20, 2013

See What the Feminine Side of Masculinity Looks Like in These Stunning Nir Arieli Photos!

Through the centuries,
has been captured in classical art
as shown in this ageless sculpture,
"The Boxer"
In years past,
we suspect not a lot of men were memorialized
for "The Feminine Side of Masculinity"
in fine art. UNTIL NOW.
Take a look at these Nir Arieli photographs
from his collection
and then decide if something has been missing
in classical art all these years.
Arieli placed his male subjects in positions,
provocative and otherwise,
and poses typically associated with women
and came up with these images.
We accept photos will never take precedence over,
or the place of ancient, classical art, no matter the form.
But Areili's work certainly has a place 
at the table.

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