Tuesday, August 27, 2013

See What Robin Thicke Saw in His Duet with Miley Cyrus at the MTV-VMA Show! (NSFW)

The 2013 MTV-VMA Show is now history.
But the rancid, raunchy stink of
lives on.
These are the images Robin Thicke saw
in his duet with Miley Cyrus.
He first saw Miley's tongue that looked like
Justin Bieber's Penis!

Then he saw Miley's Butt!

Which is the reason the
failed in his lower extremities.
'Now that's FUNNY!'
'Who woulda' thought just a few years ago
that sweet Disney Girl Hanna Montana
would be "twerking" on Alan Thicke's
little boy Robin's pee-pee 
on The Lord's Day this past week?'

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