Friday, August 16, 2013

The Huffington Post Bizarre Infatuation with Edward Snowden Continues! (NSFW)

 In what may be
most bizarre HEADLINE story to date in it's
pathological infatuation of wanted criminal
Edward Snowden,
today, one headline reads,
Exclusive-Snowden: "Media misled by 
Dad's Emotional Compromise." 
The information that followed was an innocuous,
vacuous incoherent diatribe with less
credibility than Sarah Palin's left tit
after her most recent Tijuana 
boob job.
Virtually nothing of Snowden's so called
"exclusive" email to 
made any sense other than to say
that Snowden's dad DOES NOT
speak for Edward,
which we suspect
is attempting to do.
'Until next time....'

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