Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This Girl Was Called Ugly and Left School! When "BULLYING" is a Positive Lesson in Disguise! (Photo)

First, this is an attractive young woman
with an interesting birth mark.
It is a "mark", however, that has caused her 
considerable pain. So much pain and
anxiety that she has decided to
leave her school and go elsewhere
to complete her high school
We commend this young lady in her wise and
mature decision to leave peers of idiots and a
school with an ineffective administration
to pursue a positive future.
In her decision, she has decided NOT to waste energy
on the depravity of others, and to use her energies
to move positively forward in life absent the
encumbrances of cretin mentalities.
This young woman has made a very prudent decision. 
She has learned a lesson most people don't learn
usually until much later in life.
Was this "bullying" event a positive life-lesson
in disguise?


  1. What is her name?
    I think she is Gorgeous,.
    We all have imperfections.
    My name is Jason Keith Rozycki, Facebook me whoever you are.

  2. If I was her father I would dedicate my life to making sure anyone who disrespected my little girl would suffer a brutal beating, nothing ugly about her !!!people are heartless because of their own insecurities, chin up kiddo you perfect the way you are :)

  3. She is the most gorgeous girl in the world

  4. Those who says you are ugly are not categorized as a human being. You are soooo Lovely!

  5. She's actually attractive. I would ask her out on a date and not think twice about it the whole time I was with her.

  6. Most of those who are bullied suffer a lot and don't have this strength and insight.
    Something has to be done for those who are not that lucky and end up living in ostracism or killing themselves.
    Congratulations to this girl!