Friday, August 16, 2013

W. Virginia Judge Michael Thornsbury Charged with Trying to Frame His Love Rival! (Photo)

Mingo County West Virginia:
"The Case of the Coal Miner's Wife and
The Judge Who Couldn't Keep His Pants Zipped". 
Today, ABC NEWS is reporting that veteran
Circuit Court Judge Michael Thornsbury,
57, has been arrested and charged with 
attempting to frame his "Love Rival".
The Grand Jury Indictment tells the sordid story
of Judge Thornsbury's on-going 'romantic'
relationship with his secretary, the secretary's
coal miner husband, and the judges insatiable
appetite for her "related duties as required",
as described in her job description. 
Judge Thornsbury wanted "more" than
his secretary's "8 to 5" services and plead with her
to leave her coal miner husband. She declined,
but the relationship continued. 
Judge Thornsbury then hatched a plot to frame the
coal miner with criminal activity by causing
illegal drugs to be taped under his truck.
This failing, The Judge found a State Trooper to
file bogus theft charges against the coal miner.
But those charges fell apart and 
Thornsbury's plot unraveled.
Now Judge Thornsbury finds himself in 
'deep doo-doo', and facing criminal
charges himself.
To be continued.......
Why do we need Columbo and Perry Mason when
we have West Virginia?

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