Saturday, August 17, 2013

Whatever Happened to Fabio? (Photos)

This is FABIO!
Famous Fabio Lanzoni
from a bygone era.
These are some of the images that 
made him famous, and rich too.
So, whatever happened to FABIO?
Well, nothing much has happened to him.
He's still the boring character he always was.
But now he's 54 years old, a little thicker
around the middle, out of the spotlight,
and still rich.
FABIO lives in Los Angeles, California with 
his Lamborghini and motorcycle collection and
recently said he's ready to settle down.
And why all the photos?
That's really what you tuned in to see, RIGHT?
And what does FABIO look like today?
This photo was snapped
in March 2013.
And that's it folks!
That's it?
We said he's boring, didn't we? 

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