Monday, August 19, 2013

Woman Bites Off Man's Penis While Performing Oral Sex in Car Crash! (A True Event Parody)

China Press and Sin Chew Daily
along with other news outlets are
reporting that while a man was parked in his car
and receiving oral sex from his secretary,
 the car was rear-ended by a truck causing the 
woman to bite off the man's penis in the crash. 
Fortunate or unfortunate as this case may have been,
a private detective hired by the woman's husband to
follow the pair was also at the scene and witnessed the event.
The detective called for immediate medical assistance,
retrieved the penis from the woman who spit it out
from her bloody mouth (Asians have small penises),
and 'the suckee' was saved from bleeding to death.
The disposition of the severed penis is unknown 
at this time, although we've learned the woman's
marriage is in the process of being severed.

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