Monday, September 16, 2013

DC Navy Yard Mass Shooting! At Least 12 Dead/10 Injured in NRA "Supported" Killings! (Photos)(Updated)

Update-2pm: The FBI has identified 
Aaron Alexis,
 34, a civilian employee at
The Navy Shipyard was a suspect in
the massacre that occurred earlier
Another person of interest is being sought
in connection with the crime.
Now, back to our original story.
The Washington D.C. Naval Facility is the site
 of a mass shooting now in progress.
At least 12 have been confirmed dead (by AP). 
Multiple injuries are also reported.
The suspect is said to be holed up and
barricaded in a building on the grounds with an
arsenal of "legal" weapons as police 
have him surrounded.
Although the NRA has not commented on 
this matter, we can be assured that it will
voice support of this event as they 
have in previous mass shootings.
This is a developing story.
Stay tuned for updates.

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