Monday, September 30, 2013

Drunk GOP Tea Party Congress Votes to Shutdown Government as "Gelding" John Boehner Drinks Merlot! (Photos - Documentation)

...from the chambers of the
U.S. House of Representatives...
September 28, 2013: 
Drunk with Power?
Just DRUNK? 
Just Plain DRUNK(!) 
is the documented and verified 
answer to this question.
Ginger Gibson, Congressional Reporter (Politico), is tweeting her observations in  'the peoples'  House of Representatives permeated with the stench of copious amounts of 'booze' in the atmosphere as the Republicans led by SENATOR Ted Cruz "PARTY" on the House floor.
Kate Nocera, Buzzfeed Capitol Hill Reporter, reports seeing GOP House members 'tossin-em back' on The House floor as they discuss government shutdown, and subsequently voted to do it.
A number of other witnesses report similar
This is how it looked to the public.....
And "this" is how it was... 
Although remaining Speaker of the House of Representatives,
John Boehner has been neutered and is such in name only.
Boehner has lost his "leadership" to
GOP Tea Party Senator 
Ted Cruz.
Accordingly, John Boehner will just have
another glass of Merlot!
The People GET What They Vote For!
Will America get it right in 2014? 

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