Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Goes Full Frontal! "Fluffer" Hired to Enhance Charlie Hunnam Endowment for Movie Shoot! (NSFW Images)

(Update October 12, 2013: We sadly report that
Charlie Hunnam has withdrawn from the title role
in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie. Today,
Universal Pictures announced that Charlie's
'Sons of Anarchy' filming schedule conflicted with
their project, and another actor is being
sought to replace him.)
Now to our original story.....
"Sorry Ladies! The Job is Taken."
Since this erotic thriller movie will feature ample
footage scenes with long stints of filming, a
has been employed to enhance Charlie Hunnam's
endowment when enhancement is required.
We've learned from 'insiders' and those he may
have been 'inside' that Charlie Hunnam needs
no enhancements to get the job done when
he's 'ready', which he generally is.
But staying 'ready' for hours on end with a
full camera crew watching along with
"close-ups" and 'lighting heat' decreases 
concentration and stamina, 
even for Christian Grey.
A 'FLUFFER' will be on the set of
"Fifty Shades of Grey".
So, What's a 'FLUFFER'?
Here, a professional fluffer is seen during a recess
 on the set of a recent porn film shoot.
********************** *
"Fluffers" may be male or female and are typically
assigned to a films make-up department, but also
typically have only one job --- to keep the
male star erect and presentable during 
'full-takes', and ancillary close-up 
shots that usually come after a 
full-take is concluded.
Job specifications include skills 
in managing appropriate creams and spray products, 
touching, fondling and stroking, and may include
some oral technique to get the job done.
Penetration of any kind is not in the
job spec of a fluffer.
Breast 'fluffers' are also sometimes
employed for models and actresses
to "enhance" their work and
final product.
This is Adriana Lima working with her
"boob fluffer" during a recent 
magazine photo shoot.
"A fluffer? Hey! I'm OK with it....."
And what would Jax Teller say
about a fluffer?

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