Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Fifty Shades of Grey" ~ Pure Genius Casting Pays Off with Big Buzz! (Explicit NSFW)

An Erotic S&M Thriller coming
to the big screen
Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson
Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele!

From the producers of
'The Social Network'.

Sometimes Big Hollywood Gets it Right!
With Charlie Hunnam 
as Christian Grey
and the innocent beauty 
Dakota Johnson
as Anastasia Steele,
this is one of those times.
The casting is
Few films in Hollywood history have had
'the anticipation and "BUZZ" factors' that
'Fifty Shades of Grey'
is enjoying. Advance tickets could be sold
right now and fill every theater seat in the
U.S. and Europe, for a film set to
release on August 1, 2014! 
Charlie Hunnam admits to an uncanny 
sexual chemistry and freedom with his co-star.
Those present at the 'sex scene' screen tests
provide they were 'so HOT that
fire fighters were called to the scene.'
Now, there is bidding for rights to distribute
just these scenes only in the high 6 figures
and climbing. 
The producers are saying "NO", and the
set will be closed when filming begins 
next month in Vancouver.
Now! Are you ready for this?
Charlie has had some experience in the
'sex scene' department as shown here from these
'Sons of Anarchy'
television show clips.

Christian Grey considers 
the possibilities.
Christian is deliberate.
Confident and self assured.
He is introspective with an identifiable 
soulful darkness of heart.
Christian is rich.
Will Anastasia accept his
sexual needs and desires?
The Magic Dragon?
The Black Things.
Pain? Fear? Tension?
The Terror and exhilaration of orgasmic
sexual release and freedom
from bondage through bondage?
Will she willingly submit her body to his,
and allow his power to flow like a gieser
released inside her to become her power
while strengthening his? 
 How far can it go?
What is this?
"Hey...I'm Ready For it...
I Deliver!"
                                                 ~FROM THE HOLLYWOOD CONNECTION

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