Friday, September 27, 2013

High School Football Coach Matt Labrum Suspends ALL Members of His Team for All The Right Reasons!

are due accolades for a Utah High School
Head Football Coach,
for his courageous decision to suspend
all 80 members of Union High School's 
football team this past week.    
When coach Labrum learned that virtually all of
his football "team" were cyberbullying another
student, cutting classes and being disrespectful 
toward teachers he suspended them from
play and the field.
Now, all 80 must earn back the privilege of
playing football through community service work,
and documented 'random acts of kindness' at 
school and in the community before
putting on a uniform. 
This is the kind of American Story that
makes people proud to be American!
How about Matt Labrum for 
America's High School Football Coach
of the year award?
~Credit PAMELA LAMBERT with Article Concept and  Research~


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