Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jesus Halloween Parties! A New Holiday Trend Featuring Jesus Candy from China! (Photos)

With Halloween fast approaching, some 
Conservative Christian Groups are going all out
to make this year a festive evangelical
event with JESUS being the
primary subject and honoree.

Jesus Candy is a Featured item
at many of these 
Halloween Parties.
Featuring packets with a Bible verse on each packet,
the contents look a lot like the old standard
sugar 'corn candy'.
We found the above package of Jesus Candy at our 
local Big Lots store at a cost of about $4.
We also found individual packets of
this product selling for $0.39 each at the 
Christian Dollar Store.
Upon examining the ingredients information on the
back of the package we learned that
Jesus Candy is made in China and contains
corn syrup, various other sugars and 
the what may have been the
full spectrum of yellow and red dyes.
In the unlisted stealth ingredients it is within
the realm of reason that such may
 be recycled VCRs.
With reports from China that even China
doesn't trust China's packaged "food"
products, we question why anyone 
else would.
Then again, Americans will buy and
eat anything, especially 
Conservative Christians.
This Jesus Lollipop, handed out by Jesus Himself,
may be an alternative to the aforementioned
Jesus Candy. However, we suspect that it too
may have been made in China.
Lets all watch what we eat and where
it comes from, especially when
feeding our children.
These thoughts might also apply
to our religious beliefs and practices
as well. 

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