Wednesday, September 25, 2013

John McCain Kicks Ted Cruz Ass on Senate Floor!


Did John McCain kick Ted Cruz ass today,
or what?
Here's the story.....
Ted Cruz 
is Texas' U.S. Senator MexiCAN'T,
a "MexiPSYCHO" who's taken his Republican
Party with it's Tea Bag Centerpiece down to
an epic low.
Ted Cruz is  also a "MexiSTUPID" because he
failed to understand that his benefactors don't like 
anybody or  anything that doesn't follow instructions.
Ted Cruz failed to recognized that
he's an expendable commodity.
Accordingly, Ted Cruz is a 
"MexiCAN'T" who has run his course
with with his own people and party who now finds
himself in the political cannibal cauldron,
 there to be devoured.
Immediately after his ill advised 21-hour
showboat 'faux'
filibuster of Obamacare, fellow party Senator
John McCain 
took to the Senate podium.
Speaking for the majority of Republican
senators McCain excoriated Cruz for his 
ignorance, stupidity and shame Cruz
has put upon their party, in a
grand 'KICK ASS' moment.

In the process,
McCain politically castrated Ted Cruz today,
 and it's in the public record for eternity.
Ted Cruz is now the MexiCAN'T carcass
of an expended Tea Party bag of 
Bat Guano with no balls! 
And that's American politics, Folks. 
Meanwhile, other Republicans are 
doing THIS to Cruz 
behind the scenes
because they're really pissed. 

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