Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet Kliff Kingsbury - Texas Tech Head Football Coach! A Star is Born! (Photos)

Texas Tech's New Head Football Coach,
Kliff Kingsbury,
 appeared in his first nationally televised ESPN 
game last night, and 

Twitter and the Internet lit up like
4th of July Fireworks,
and today Kliff is basking in the
light of instant stardom.
So, OK, here are the basics:
Kliff Kingsbury is 34, unmarried and
earns $2.1 mil a year in his new job.
Once upon a time, Kliff quarterbacked for
the school he now coaches for. In
between his college career and return
to Texas Tech, Kliff had a lackluster
few years with several NFL
teams before he took on
The fact that Kingsbury looks more like
Ryan Gosling than Ryan Gosling looks like
Ryan Gosling has not gone unnoticed.
Accordingly, regardless of his first
year coaching stats, Kliff's team will
be playing to sold out audiences
this season.
All Texas Tech games sold out 
for the season TODAY!
Kliff Kingsbury

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