Monday, September 23, 2013

NRA Chief Wayne La Pierre Speaks Out on The Navy Yard Mass Shootings!

NRA Chief
Wayne La Pierre
gets paid big bucks (REALLY BIG BUCKS)
 for spreading the BS that 2nd Amendment Rights 
Yesterday, La Pierre 'articulately' told NBC NEWS,
in response to the most recent mass
shootings at the D.C. Navel Yard,
"Wasn't enough good guys with guns."
La Pierre's sympathy and understanding
for the victims of gun violence is exactly what 
could have been expected of a corporate monolith 
without conscience or care for humankind.
The vast majority of America wants and
needs some modicum of gun control.
Yet the U.S. Congress can't even pass legislation
to implement simple background checks
on those buying guns.
The NRA and their supporting Corporate
Lobbyists have purchased enough congressional
votes to scuttle this basic regulation.
The 2014 election cycle is right around the 
corner. All of the House of Representatives
membership, and one-third 
of the U.S. Senate will be up for
re-election at that time.
Isn't it time to take these congressional 
"rent boys" out of office?
Isn't it time to take the money out
of politics?
We could save some American lives
in in the process.

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